Monday, May 11, 2009

from Shepherding to Whirling

Shepherd's Harvest is over and I more or less feel like I was beaten with a farm implement! The beating was a kindly one, though. Everyone was in a state of fiber bliss...including me...even as I was working hard helping people learn to let go and make wild batts.

I unpacked the truck, sorted through my tubs, moved my many new fleeces to the basement (Icelandic, Dorset, Alpaca, Wenslydale crosses). I worked the gallery today, inefficiently, but I worked.

I re-packed the truck with 1/2 the stock for Art-A-Whirl, may 15-17 at the Northrup King Building, 1500 Jackson Ave NE, Minneapolis. Friday 5-10, Sat noon-8, Sunday noon-5.
I will have roving, wool and mohair packets, books, drawing, batts.

But, for now, off to bed!

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