Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Just a couple more pictures of the installation that is finding itself in my gallery!

Tonight I began to pursue the idea of "Yarn as Sculpture." I make wild and wacky art yarns with no thought about them a knitted objects. They do not need to be "made up." They already possess full objecthood. As part of the pursuit, I am thinking of constructing meaning within individual skeins and groups of skeins. Tonight I began working on an army series. Right now, it is simply a thick and thin with add-ins. Stay tuned. Perhaps I will photo it tomorrow. It needs more chaos.
Tonight I also began thinking about the quality of the twist and how it affects objecthood. I intentionally overspun some the point that it formed spring forms and pigtails. I skeined a small sample. It makes a lovely bracelet. I also overspun a thicker sample. Both skeins make beautiful objects. Now I have to ask myself,"What if I did knit them?" What kind of object would that make? How would the twist form/deform the fabric...I'm talkin' way over twisted...leaving Katherine Alexander in the dust over twisted!

Stay tuned.

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