Sunday, November 21, 2010

For SALE! The Roberta Electronic Spinner!

Well loved, well used, this Roberta Ertoel Spinner production spinning wheel is moving out to make room for the other sweet wheels that seem to come home with me like stray animals! It's not that I do not love her. My spinning needs ahve changed. She is an Irish tension wheel, with a ferocious pull, making her ideal for lofty, bulky yarns or lightning fast plying. With lacing, you can easily spin thinner yarns. Speed is controlled by an infinite dial. There is an on/off foot pedal. It comes with the standard flyer and 3 bobbin set-up as well as Woolee-Winder with 6 BIG bobbins! It is about 5 years old with a new motor. Full retail is currently over $1400. I am asking $700, firm.


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  2. As the manufacturer I do not recommend the Woollie Winder bobbins or flyer on a Roberta electronic spinner. If the moving hook gets resistance, due to dust and broken fibre getting into the driving mechanism, it will cause the spinner front motor bearing to fail, due to the increased loading caused by the resistance in the flyer arm. Apart from that, the Woollie Winder reduces the effect of the free turning flyer, which is suppose to be able to change its speed according to your drafting from the fingers, thus making it self regulating. In other words the spinner is less versatile with the Woolie Winder fitted. Any warranty is vioded if the Woollie Winder is used.

  3. I'm sure this is long sold, am I correct?