Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I've been thinking...

Since the fibers have been occupying more and more of my imagination, it seemed like time to begin working on the mission and planning . Here's what I have so far. Any comments?
The Mission of Sue's Luxury Fiber is:
• to spred the joy of fibers
• to offer affordable luxury fibers for spinners, knitters, weavers, felters, dyers
• to donate 5% of each sale to KIVA.org

What is KIVA?
Kiva.org is a micro loan agency that helps people in third worl d countries start-up or maintain businesses. Sue' Luxury Fiber lends to women in the arts or crafts. The re-payment rate at Kiva is very high, enabling the lender to re-loan and pay it forward.

How does Sue define Luxury?
soft, fine, shiny, colorful, and sometimes rare

What might you find at Sue's?
beautiful baby llama roving
lustrous yearling mohair top
merino/silk blend top
BFL/silk blend top
Alpaca/silk blend top
sparkling Firestar
twinkling Angelina
hand dyed tops and roving of various sorts
silk noil
handspun yarns
hand dyed scarves
handmade bags and aprons

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