Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dyeing Day Fun

I spun this dorset down with nylon for socks a couple of years ago. Finally, I dyed it. It is SO SPRINGY! It will make wonderful socks.
In the past year I have been periodically experimenting with rare wools. Usually I have just spun small samples. But when I got out the Teeswater (orange) and the Devon (green) I could not stop spinning! They were such a delight to work with.
The teeswater is surprisingly springy. I wasn't expecting that from a long wool. It it outer wear soft, maybe sock soft if you are not terribly sensitive. The Devon (greens) is very fine, spun worsted, and would make a superb weaving yarn. It is quite prickly, has a luminosity just short of mohair. It would be superb for tapestry or crewel work.
Last spring, when I was in New York City, I purchased some cones of silk: one is a ribbon, one is a fine boucle, on is a gleaming single. They were a joy to dye!


  1. Gorgeous yarns! Funny thing, though, when I first read the sentence about spinning the wool "with nylon for socks" I thought you were spinning the wool with nylon stockings and expected a much bulkier result! Might make an interesting novelty yarn, though, and a use for those old nylons!

  2. You know, when I typed that, I wondered if I had garbled it...But I like the idea of spinning the nylons with the wool...hmmm.