Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vacation fiber fun

The gallery has been closed for over a month...nothing dire, just much needed vacation with a couple extra accidental weeks thrown in! What a joy! I drove over 3000 miles to see friends and family. While on the road I did spin a bit of merino silk on my Bosworth...but not much. While in East Lansing Michigan I went to my old friend Nancy's store, Woven Art. I bought this wildly dyed silk there and began spinning it as soon as I got home.
I washed the Dorset fleece I got at Shepherd's Harvest. It is the sproingiest stuff! I spun a sample and it was as stretchy as a rubber band. I decided to card a bunch with @ 10% nylon to make sock yarn that I plan to space dye and knit up for my son. SHHH! Don't tell him....especially since I am a very slow completer of projects! He'll get them some Christmas someday!
Little old dog, BABY, watches me with bleary eyes and an equally bleary brain. Her Altzheimers is worse since I got home. I think she knows who I am now. But she is still sweet. That has not changed.

Last night I wove this little, still un-blocked, weft-faced purse on a cardboard loom. Fun, but it made my hands hurt a lot. It is about the size for business cards.

This was my first independent "scarf"!!!The only problem is that I really mis-measured the warp! It won't even go around my neck...can't even make it into a cowl or a collar. So, it ia a lovely, llama table thingy.
This time, I measured the warp right. I am doing a sampler scarf based on various lace patterns. Too much fun.

And I forgot to photograph the most recent yarns, hanging to dry in the basement. Maybe tomorrow;-)

So, what's on your wheel?

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