Friday, March 13, 2009

Early beginnings

I started spinning on a Babe Fiber starter. It is now rickety, beat-up and still beloved. I demonstrate on it at least once a month, surrounded by beautiful colors. I love to imagine lying down in a pile of dyed jumping in a pile of fall leaves that smell like lanolin! I might have an asthma attack...but it would be tinged with bliss! The right hand picture is of some of my earliest yarn from all sorts of blends of commercial roving. They are still very pretty yarns...a bit thick and thin, but serviceable. I think I may weave with those that remain in stash.

I'm a little tired and my camera and spinning equipment are far apart, but imagine me spinning yummy llama on the Ashford Traveller and a wild and wooly batt of pink and purple wool, olive mohair and black alpaca with a few specks of sari silk on the Roberta. This batch of wool still has a bit of lanolin in it, so it is wonderful for my skin.


  1. HI Sue, The more you post, the more excited I become to meet you at Shepherd's Harvest Festival in May. Jane

  2. Thanks! I am dying and spinning my little heart out. Stay tuned!