Saturday, March 21, 2009

Investigating the Basement Studio

Dying and spinning happen on the second floor of my building. But the washing, spinning, drying, carding and sorting happen in the deep, dark basement. This building is a wonky, nearly 100 year old stucco number. The stairways are steep and uneven with shockingly low ceilings at every turn of the staircase! I am short, so I have no problem. But, if you are taller than about 5'2", you will not navigate my basement studio easily. Pipes lurk, awaiting the bonk of your head!
I am the proud owner of a spin dryer, 2 days old. The interior is a very shiny, smooth stainless steel. It spins wet wool at an unbelievable speed, extracting the water directly to my floor drain. It is not very heavy and will hold close to a whole fleece. The fleece comes out fluffy! Like the colored wool in the picture. It is ready to use in less than 24 hours. The mohair is denser, but far improved from my old "rolled in a towel days." It is taking maybe 2 days to dry, compared to a former 2 weeks! Stay tuned for more basement wanderings.

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