Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fleecey goodness and snow flurries

Today was a studio gallery work. I drew, I ran to the library and a drove across town to pick up some artwork. And I washed fleece! Some lovely Lincoln locks and mystery wool. I got some almost free mystery fleeces last year. Really they are lovely. There is not much VM, not even much dirt and grease. The locks are long and glossy. When washed and pulled apart they burst open into a soft lustrous cloud. I will dye the wool for Shepherd's Harvest. I am hoping to set up a Wild and Wooly Batt Station there. I have not figured out all the specifics...but this row of lovely additives will be part of it: firestar sparklies, faux cashmere, sari silk, silk noil...other stuff. (By the way, the Spin Dryer is GREAT!)

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