Saturday, March 7, 2009

A new blog!

I love fiber! I love wool, silk, alpaca, even wildly dyed nylon. I'm fond of cotton, but not nearly so much as wool! Currently, Romney is my favorite, although I rather wish my own hair looked as nice as this one Wenslydale fleece I have! I love fleece in the grease, I love washing it, I love spinning it. I spin mostly on a Roberta Electronic Spinner, some on an Ashford Traveler and on a Babe Fiberstarter ( my first beloved wheel!) I have multiple spindles, my favorite being a Bosworth mini.I have various combs, hand crads, drum carders (alas, none are electric!) and a Patrick Green Triple picker, my scariest and next most beloved tool after my spinning wheels.

I thought I would start this fiber blog instead of a fiber website. You can see what's up here by following the blog. I have a booth at Shepherd's Harvest Festival every year. You can see and purchase ALL the fiber I work with there.

Most of the year you can either purchase directly from me or from the Textile Center of Minnesota or from The Fibre Studio.

So, WELCOME! Got questions? email me at
pictured above: WILD and WOOLY BATTS. A dream to spin as is, full of lofty mixed wools, mohair, silks, and firestar nylon.


  1. So glad to have found your blog through Shepherd's Harvest Twitter. Wishing you the best and looking forward to meeting you and feeling some of those fibers in May.